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Over 800,000 truck drivers contribute to the health and strength of the United States economy. They range from owner operators and large and small trucking companies.*Keeping truckers healthy and on the road is often difficult. With different cities and states in their travels, having access to medical care to meet the job demands is paramount. CoMediCard telemedicine for truckers is a comprehensive zero copayment, low monthly subscription for truckers and their families that provides assistance with board certified physicians while on the road and also providing peace of mind to their families while they are away.

Most truckers spend an average of two to three weeks on the job away from home.** Keeping healthy and addressing both medical and mental health issues is challenging. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could consult with a doctor without leaving your truck? What if you could have access to a doctor with a zero copay anywhere you travel in the United States? With CoMediCard, you get that and more.

CoMediCard includes:

  • Unlimited visits with US licensed physicians, dermatologists, and mental health counselors through Teladoc
  • $0 co-payment for all services
  • Unlimited use
  • Immediate families included
  • Fast enrollment, no long term commitment
  • Only $29.95 per month
  • OPTUMRx prescription discounts
  • RealTimeChoices health savings app
  • Spanish speaking board certified physicians

…and all from the privacy of your rig!

Are you or a family member concerned about COVID or experiencing stress or anxiety? Isn’t it important that your family has access to a doctor or to mental health counseling while you are in the road? Or maybe as a trucker, you need to speak with a licensed therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist from the privacy of your cab. With CoMediCard, you receive all of these benefits.

Our general practice physicians are available 24/7 throughout the United States so even when you are in a rural area and starting to feel poorly or run down, you can quickly speak with a Teladoc® doctor and get a diagnosis or a medically necessary prescription. It really is Convenient Care When You Need it Most. Enroll today to protect yourself and your family and keep your rig on the road.

*The Importance of the Trucking Industry

**How Often Do Truck Drivers Come Home

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