Employer Group Health

Are you concerned with productivity in the workplace? How about employees that come to work sick and infect others? With CoMediCard’s benefit services, you’ll offer a solution for your employees to address their illness immediately and at the onset rather than when it is a full-blown issue resulting in lost productivity and time off work.

There are two choices for Employer Group Health Benefits:

CoMedicard Voluntary Benefit $29.95 per month

Includes the Teladoc Enhanced health benefit with $0 copay services for family health, dermatology and mental health with unlimited visits. It also includes the OPTUMRx prescription discount card and RealTimeChoices health savings app. This benefit can be paid by the employee, employer sponsored or a combination thereof.

CoMediCard for Groups 

Includes the Teladoc Enhanced health benefit with $0 copay services for family health, dermatology and mental health with unlimited visits. This benefit is only available to employers, groups or affiliations of 25 or more and must be paid by the sponsor.

CoMediCard provides early detection to keep employees healthy and on the job.

A recent study shows that 58% of those aged 18 to 30 years old took up to five sick days the previous year*. Additionally, many more come to work sick and not working to full capacity because sick time is not offered in the workplace or they feel that they just cannot miss. This has a negative impact on not just their role and productivity for the company but it also affects other employees. When employees come to work sick, they often infect others with their illness and bring down overall productivity in the workplace. With CoMediCard, at the onset, employees can be on the phone with a doctor and receive a diagnosis and prescription (if medically necessary). And unlike typical insurance products, CoMediCard actually encourages employees to use these services.

Employees will receive engaging reminder videos to employees to encourage usage and to make healthy choices.

With CoMediCard Teladoc® feature is only one component when purchasing our full subscription. The second component is OPTUMRx. It offers a significant discount on a number of prescription drugs to further the savings for your employees should they need a prescription as a remedy to their illness. This also includes savings on monthly maintenance prescriptions. The third component is RealTimeChoices. In the event that an employee needs an x-ray, MRI, bloodwork, mammogram, surgery, diabetic supplies, dental services or other ancillary service, they can utilize the RealTimeChoices app to determine the out of pocket cost on these services before selecting the health provider. The RealTimeChoices app searches the service and advises of the costs associated with that service as well as the available providers so consumers can make an educated choice. Instead of providing a discount on the service itself, RealTimeChoices provides the actual costs and available providers in order to make an educated decision. The app works in seconds. It puts the transparency back in health care and provides consumers with much needed real time information.

*Kunst: Alexander. Statistica.com 9/13/19 health care stud


With CoMediCard, you receive unlimited $0 Cost Visits with a licensed US doctor for yourself and your family. With today’s concerns about virus and infection, a call from the comfort of home to receive support to relieve symptoms and address health care needs is essential. Home care greatly reduces the chance of viral spread of infections and addresses concerns before going to the ER or making an appointment with the doctor. Plus, our product includes unlimited visits with zero co-payments for dermatology & mental health concerns. Talk to a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist from the privacy of your home. Once the plan is activated, customers will download the Teladoc® app and follow the instructions to set up their account.


This pharmacy card provides a significant prescription discount. When medically necessary, they can be written and called in to a pharmacy of choice throughout the United States. Discounts are also available on reoccurring prescriptions. OPTUMRx is involved in helping people live healthier lives and helping make the health system work better for everyone. OPTUMRx is a leading health services innovation company.

RealTime Choices

This app provides the ability to search and shop for the best priced and highest rated health care services in your area to determine a list of service providers as well as the costs associated with these services like an MRI or radiology. In the event that an employee needs a x-ray, MRI, mammogram or other ancillary service, they can use the RealTimeChoices app to quickly search for the name of the local service providers as well as the cost associated with the service needed. Many surgical procedures can be researched here with just a few clicks. RealTimeChoices offers an innovative suite of products designed to address the unique needs of our clients through actionable data that drives intelligent decisions. These tools are engineered to be uncomplicated for the member to use and powerful enough to positively influence the cost of the health benefits, improve the health of the members and to make the individual a better, more informed healthcare consumer.