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The CoMediCard Difference

At CoMediCard, we believe the right health plan does more than just provide benefits – it takes your business in the right direction.

Whether you’re looking to transition from being fully insured, or are interested in self-funding with a new plan administrator, CoMediCard has the experience, tools and unparalleled industry expertise to take your plan in the right direction. We deliver health plans built on uniquely crafted benefits, designed specifically for the needs of our clients all across the country.

It’s time to experience a health plan that helps you along your road to success. Make the right turn with CoMediCard.

Paying too much for your health insurance?

We could save you up to 30% on your company’s health insurance premiums with a greater choice of providers.

Combine traditional health insurance benefits with an industry leading telemedicine program that provides your employees with better access to health care with $0 Copayments for physician, dermatology and mental health visits. Even with lowering the copayment amount to ZERO, your company can still reap the benefits of health savings.

Simply provide us with your loss runs and a census and you will receive a no-obligation and complimentary quote.

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