College Students – Telehealth Services

COVID-19 has revealed a real need for telemedicine and mental health. One of the areas that this has been most evident is with colleges and universities. CoMediCard is uniquely poised to offer assistance to students to increase the school’s completion rate and give students timely and needed access to the Teladoc® Enhanced program that includes family medicine, dermatology and mental health at zero cost per appointment.

With CoMediCard, there are two programs for schools to take advantage of:

CoMediCard for Groups: Students, Faculty & Employees $12.00 per month

Includes the Teladoc Enhanced health benefit with $0 copay services for family health, dermatology and mental health with unlimited visits. This benefit is only available to employers, groups or affiliations of 25 or more and must be paid by the sponsoring college or university.

CoMedicard Voluntary Benefit $29.95 per month

Includes the Teladoc Enhanced health benefit with $0 copay services for family health, dermatology and mental health with unlimited visits. It also includes the OPTUMRx prescription discount card and RealTimeChoices health savings app. This benefit can be paid by the employee, employer sponsored or a combination thereof. It can also be referred by the college to the general public as an affiliate product.

Both products offer a cobranded card with the school or affiliation logo.

CoMediCard with Teladoc® Enhanced is a Teladoc® product is available for purchase exclusively for groups through CoMediCard. It can be utilized for students and/or faculty and staff and is offered as an organization paid product for all eligible persons. It provides the award-winning Teladoc® app with a Zero Co-payment and provides 24/7 access to a family doctor as well as access to a dermatologist and mental health specialists such as therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. All visits are unlimited use. Once the Teladoc® app is downloaded, it just takes a few clicks to be in touch with a U.S. licensed physician.

Students will find it comforting to address concerns when they need it and where they need it…like in the comfort and privacy of their dorm room. When a behavior health counselor or doctor is assigned, students can set up a regular call with the same counselor or doctor; thus, providing the continuity that they need.

Immediately addressing the mental health needs of students increases the completion rate for colleges.

Stresses for students are unique. From the rigors or class schedules and changing environments to personal stress and pain points, CoMediCard offers assistance when they need it. Students, faculty and staff can be added and subtracted on a monthly basis when needed. CoMediCard can also help reduce your institutions reliance on campus-based health clinics, saving time, money and potential exposure to people that may be ill.

As an enhancement, Teladoc® physicians are available to speak in a wide range of languages including sign language. It is a perfect complement as a benefit to foreign students and students with a first language other than English.

For faculty and staff, CoMediCard adds ease of use and value to your existing health care offerings without making any changes to it. An additional added benefit of telemedicine is the ability to reduce claims cost with your existing health insurance.  We are a licensed insurance agency (#L106972) by the Florida Department of Financial Services with insurance licenses in many other states. While CoMediCard is not an insurance product, telemedicine is recognized to often reduce the costs of health insurance for companies because it absorbs some of the charges that are normally charged to the insurance plan. Additionally, CoMediCard is poised to reduce your school’s health services costs.

Note: The pricing for CoMediCard Groups is substantially lower than our advertised CoMediCard Classic product and does not include OptumRx or RealTimeBenefits.

The CoMediCard Voluntary Benefit includes Teladoc Enhanced as well as OPTUMRx & RealTime Choices. With the CoMediCard full service product, you get the Teladoc® Enhanced product with the $0 Co-Payment for family medicine, dermatology and mental health that is referenced above as well as two other benefits: OPTUMRx and RealTimeChoices.

OPTUMRx offers prescription drug discounts and the RealTimeChoices app provides the “real time” pricing for local health services like labs and MRI’s as well as vision and diabetic supplies. The price for CoMediCard Classic is only $29.95 per month. For more information on these robust products, view our OPTUMRx and RealTimeChoices explainer videos.

The CoMediCard Voluntary Benefit is a great choice for Alumni Associations to promote. Students entering the workforce and alumni that have insurance are able to benefit from a CoMediCard subscription. At an affordable rate of $29.95 per month, it provides robust coverage for the entire family and a zero-copayment telemedicine product that small and large businesses often do not offer.

To receive information on how CoMediCard can assist your school, university, or alumni association, email us at We’ll send over the full details about the program. Find out how CoMediCard is positively impacting Florida Gulf Coast University below.


Florida Gulf Coast University

FGCU has decided to “Protect their nest” by utilizing both of the CoMediCard product offerings. Starting with fall enrollment for the 2020 calendar year, FGCU will provide the Teladoc Enhanced product with Zero Co-payment Teladoc® through CoMediCard to all of their students. It’s “convenient care when you need it most”. With concerns of viruses and contagions, FGCU wants to offer the safest options for their students.

In addition, the FGCU Alumni Association added CoMediCard as a corporate partner. We have built out their own FGCU enrollment website online to promote to their alumni, local businesses, friends and family. For each CoMediCard Classic enrollment with Teladoc Enhanced that is tracked through their enrollment page, the FGCU Alumni Association will earn residual donations back to their association. Plus, all CoMediCard enrollments are co-branded with your school or alumni logo to remind customers of this forward-thinking benefit. Click here to inquire about this offering.

Case Study: Reid

CoMediCard assisted a Towson University baseball player address health concerns

Reid, a Florida resident, attended Towson University in Maryland. As an out of state student, he did not have a primary care physician in the area. While his parents have health care and the school has a health services department, his hectic athletic schedule at the beginning of the season did not allow for him to get assistance. Between his student academics schedule and mandatory practices, he didn’t have time to run down to the clinic during traditional business hours to be seen as he started to develop a cough. Plus, he thought he could ride it out. He continues to feel poorly and is now calling his parents about what to do because he has developed a fever and a cough that won’t stop. The parents feel helpless and try to get him in to a local drug store that offers on-demand services but it is by appointment only. Their only option now is to have him go to the emergency room where he is exposed to people who are also sick. Now, with his CoMediCard membership, any issues that come up whether he is in his dorm or on the road with the team can be addressed when he needs assistance. If a prescription is medically necessary, then a prescription can be called in.

With CoMedicard, parents have peace of mind as parents – knowing that when you send your child off to college, they have an on demand telemedicine benefit option. Parents of college bound children try to think of everything when their children are away at school. CoMediCard empowers young adults to take care of their own health with on demand service. CoMediCard also provides the security that your student needs to make sure the physical and mental health needs are met. Calls can be made from the privacy of their dorm or off-site housing…wherever they are comfortable. Needs can be addressed immediately and at the onset.

Please contact us for college or university enrollment. To sign-up individually or as a family click our enrollment options below.