CoMediCard assists thousands
of consumers & businesses
with affordable telemedicine.

$0 Copay Teladoc®
Mental Health, Dermatology &

Family Medicine

Health Benefits

$0 COPAY TELADOC® Family • Dermatology • Mental Health with Unlimited Visits, OPTUMRx & RealTimeChoices

Receive the Power of these Three Health Benefits:

  • Teladoc® includes unlimited $0 cost visits with a licensed US doctor for yourself and your family including Mental Health and Dermatology. It’s true, there is no co-payment when you call the doctor with CoMediCard.
  • OPTUMRx Pharmacy app provides a significant prescription discount. Prescriptions, when medically necessary, can be written and called in to a pharmacy of your choice.
  • RealTimeChoices app provides the ability to search and shop for the best-priced and highest rated health care services in your area to determine a list of service providers as well as the costs associated with these services like an MRI and radiology. Don’t pay too much or settle for sub-standard service. Many surgical procedures can be researched here with just a few clicks.

We are a direct to consumer product and we also offer our CoMediCard solutions for employers, groups and affiliations. With a combination of the award-winning Teladoc® app, OPTUMRx Pharmacy Discount Card, and RealTimeChoices app, you receive a combination of three of the most powerful tools on the market for on-demand telemedicine. And, our Teladoc® app has a Zero Dollar out of pocket co-payment.

Signing up for CoMediCard is simple and hassle free. Just click on this link and fill out a short form. It’s quick and easy. Your CoMediCard will be active as soon as possible. Our low price is $29.95 per month for CoMediCard benefits. This includes a $0 co-pay for physician calls.

Do you wish that this was a benefit your employer or organization offered? Convenient and affordable access to quality health is our goal. Ask your benefits manager to visit or email us at for more information on our Convenient Care When You Need It Most.

No Copays!

CoMediCard includes $0 Copayments
U.S. physician visits for general practice,
dermatology and mental health.

Low Monthly Cost

$0 Enrollment
$0 Copay
Only $29.95 a month

Unlimited Visits

To Mental Health providers including
psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, substance abuse and marriage counselors.

Meet Cooper, Our Brand Ambassador!

When you become a CoMediCard member, you can look forward to receiving Cooper’s weekly healthy tips to keep you on track and up-to-date on the best ways to utilize your CoMediCard benefit!

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Multiple Languages

Over 30 languages available including Spanish, French, and even sign language.

Online Enrollment

Fast and easy online enrollment.
No social security numbers required.

Everyone Qualifies

Our plan includes your
family and domestic partners.